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About Me

I grew up and lived in sunny South Africa and always worked with fabrics since the age of 4. My mother and mentor was a taylor and I guess the biggest thrill was when the two of us made something together. I learnt the ethics of sewing from her, the use of an unpick when things go wrong and never regret a moment spending with her in her sewing room.

I started my career with studying a B.Admin degree and although I got the odd opportunity here and there to use it, it was just never enough. Something was missing! The logical thing for me was to invest in a sewing business and after running a Bernina franchise for a couple of years, I decided that my love for quilting was my driving force. Soon a Gammill Longarm quilting machine appeared in my sewing room, the latter which of course grew from rather small to, well...big! 

I enjoy all quilting, from using scraps to rather difficult patterns, but hand applique is my real joy and pride. I use conventional and unconventional methods, but most often do it my way. Hope you enjoy!

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