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My services

I regard my work as a form of art and prefer to make my own art; for that reason, I do all stitching manually on my Gammill longarm machine without the help of a computer.


When you bring your quilt, we’ll measure the quilt together, check that batting and backing are big enough to cover the top,  discuss what color of thread to use, which designs to use and the dates to start and finish. An estimated price will be given, subject to change if unexpected extra work is needed.


Note: this is an estimate, not a quote.


All quilts accepted are listed per date of receipt and will be attended to on the arranged date to start, seldom sooner. Once it is done, I’ll phone or email you and make an arrangement for delivery thereof. If you need to have a quilt done by a specific date, place your order in advance and assure your place in the queue while you are still preparing your top. If you are not done in time for the planned start date, you’ll move on to a new date in the queue.


Quilting done on your prepared top:


  • Meandering in different sizes

  • Pantograph edge to edge quilting

  • Custom quilting, specializing in applique quilts with the help of stencils, rulers and freehand sewing

These apply to runners, wall quilts, crib, lap, twin, double and queen size quilts. No king size quilts will be accepted.

  • Whole cloths and commissioned quilts on request

  • Binding service, including the making of the binding, machine sewn to the front of the quilt and hand sewn with fine stitches to the back

Preparation of quilts:


Please prepare your quilt top in the following way:


  • Iron all the seams in the same direction, not open. Iron frame and border seams to form a mountain towards the frame/border.

  • Check for puckers, loose seams and pins left in the patchwork.

  • Make sure the top lies flat and does not wave at the borders. Any repair work comes at a cost of $20/hour.

  • Make sure the batting is 6” wider than the top and the backing 6” wider than the batting at all sides.

  • Square the top.

  • Before buying any backing, decide on the color of the quilting thread to use on the top. Buy the backing accordingly to avoid “pokies” with a different color for top and bottom threads on the machine.

  • It is preferred that there are no top and bottom borders sewn to the backing, as it is not guaranteed that even sizes of the borders will show after quilting.

  • Do not pin or tack the three layers together.

Turnaround time:


  • Meandering: 1 – 2 weeks from the start date, depending on the size of the quilt

  • Pantograph edge to edge: 2 weeks from start date

  • Custom: 3 – 4 weeks from the start date, depending on size and density of quilt work

  • Whole cloths and commissioned quilts: 4 – 5 weeks from start date, including marking



It is preferred that you bring your own batting. I work with cotton, polyester, wool or a blend of any of those as well as bamboo batting. No batting thicker than 0.5” or furry throws will be accepted. If unsure of what to buy, please discuss with me first.

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