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  • A deposit of 25% of the estimated price will apply.

  • Minimum price:  $55

  • Binding:  $2.50 per running foot

  • Meandering:  $0.0185 per square inch

  • Panto’s: $0.025 per square inch

  • Custom:  $0.06 per square inch depending on the intricacy of the custom design

  • Included in price: All threads. Quilting on borders are included, but a charge of $10 applies to change and pin the quilt on the quilting machine for opposite sides

  • Pantograph designs: Extra if needed to buy from various suppliers, ranging from $7 to $20 per design.

  • Whole cloths: By request, priced for marking and quilting per hour. $160 for first 8 hours of quilting.

  • Commission quilts: By request, the estimated price will be according to size, effort and cost of materials.

  •  Any repair work or ironing: $20/hour

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